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So what's this place all about?

Our Vision

To grow God’s kingdom in Kamo,  by:

  • Revealing God’s Relevance (Outward)
  • Growing in Relationship with Christ (Inward)
  • Valuing God’s presence (Upward)

Our Mission

Kamo Baptist has a heart to see the marginalised find a place of belonging in the Church. To facilitate this, we aim to provide a friendly and accepting environment within our church community. A place where people can be themselves while honouring God, where people can meet with the living Lord and find themselves encouraged or challenged, a place of healing and safety. We want to be “Real”, and value participation over perfection, Transparency over Performance!
We believe that the wonderful message of the gospel of Christ is relevant to our community, and seek to share this good news through community involvement. This could be helping someone out, home visitation, children’s programs, the Alpha Course, Marriage courses or other relevant organised programs.

Our Pastors

We − Greg and Diane − have been married for 31 years. We have five children (the eldest two married and the third soon to be!), one granddaughter and another grandchild on the way. We began our married life as dairy farmers, working our way up from management to share-milking, and finally purchasing a very run down farm in Maungaturoto which we slowly developed.

Ten years later with and with what we felt was a strong missionary calling on our lives, we sold up and headed for the mission field (or so we thought)! However God had other plans, and the local Church we were attending at the time asked us to become the Assistant Pastors. 16 years later (Greg having served as the senior pastor for the latter eight), we felt it was time to step down from that position and see what God had in store for us next.

The following year involved Diane working as a community support worker for a mental health provider, and Greg developing and managing a dairy farm, before shifting the family to Kamo and taking up the role of Pastor at  Kamo Baptist Church. We both have a passion for families; a desire to see people and families made whole through the love and power of Christ, and, like Kamo Baptist, a heart to see the marginalised find a place of belonging in the Church.

Our Leadership

As well as Greg Bedwell, the Senior Pastor, Kamo Baptist has John Wordsworth as an Elder. The Eldership give Spiritual oversight to the Church. Working closely with the Pastor, the team help the Church fulfill it’s vision.

The Church also has a Board. This is chaired by the Pastor and includes the Secretary, Treasurer and three other board members elected from the membership. The Boards responsibility is twofold. To provide good stewardship of the Church’s resources, finances, buildings and facilities. Secondly the Board helps facilitate the Vision of the Church, through wise use of it’s resources.

Want to know some more?

Scan the nutshell version of our history, find out about our faciities, or read some answers to frequently asked questions about our church and faith.