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452 Kamo Road
Kamo, Whangarei

Main entrance is on Meldum Sreet - just north of the main Kamo Road and Station Road intesection.

Smiling elderly couple

What is Christianity all about in this day and age?

A. The gospel of Jesus dosn’t change, just the way it is presented! A Christian is someone who believes in salvation through Christ – someone who accepts that they cannot measure up to God’s standard, so without a saviour they could never enter God’s presence. By accepting that Jesus died as a sin offering for humanity, for me, and by asking him (who rose from the dead), to take the steering wheel of my life, and guide me through life’s road, I put aside my own selfish desires and instead endevour to fufil God’s desires for my life. I take “Christ” into the centre of my life, and a spiritual heart transplant takes place!
Sometimes the word “Christian” is used to describe a western culture or country. Ironically mostly those same cultures and countries are secular in their beliefs, so this is a highly inappropriate use of the term.